Ahh, a comic (fancomic? doujinshi?) for this amazing fanfic: Balance of Tsuru-san

Sandy and Pitch are like two sides of the same coin as the cliche says. (Pitch/Sandy, written for the Dreamwidth kink meme)

The prompt:

"(Any/Sandman) - floating cinnamon-covered pastry"

The somewhat mysterious title was meant to indicate that cute little Sanderson Mansnoozie actually tastes sweet. His mouth is sugarplum with cinnamon, his skin has a sweet milky flavor and even his AHEM reproductive matter is flavored like vanilla custard.

Warning: NC-17, sultry no p0rn BUT my Sandy is like a kid (if don’t like don’t look, thanks)



And Yesss, I’ll make the Part 2: “Sandman”

And maybe other, i don’t know, i’m pretty lazy XD

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